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  • Questions about the Turtle Beach Roadie

    1) To anyone who owns the Turtle Beach Roadie, I have a question: I know it has a S/PDIF input (optical via adapter) but can you input to the S/PDIF and have that be output to the normal 2 channel analog output? I thought the only card around that can do that is the Audigy 2NX, but if the Roadie can do it, I'm going to ditch my Audigy.

    2) I notice on TB's website that the Roadie is now discontinued and replaced with the SRM, which looks identical except that it's black in color. It says it's available now, but everywhere I look online and in stores still only sells the Roadie. I can't seem to find the SRM in retail anywhere. Anyone know the main differences? The website says you can even use SRM drivers on the Roadie for the Roadie to work in Vista, so then I wonder what the difference is at all? Additional hardware on the SRM?

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    Please disregard question #1. I found the answer.

    I still wonder about question #2 though.
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      Can you post your findings for your first question? As for Q2, google products (link) finds it just fine, cheapest at $76.
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        For #1, according the the Roadie manual, the S/PDIF input cannot be monitored at all on the analog output. It can be passed through to the S/PDIF output, but in order to actually hear it, you have to set the Roadie's control panel to allow the pass-thru, and you can only hear what's on the S/PDIF input. If you want to go back to listening to MP3's, or radio, or video, on your harddrive, you have to go back to the Roadie Control Panel, and switch it back to the analog output.

        Forum members have asked that front-end developers look into coding an auto-switch into the front-end that would do this switch back and forth automatically (when switching between say, Satellite radio on the S/PDIF input, and then back to analog output when you go to play mp3's or regular radio). Hopefully that's being looked into.

        As far as Turtle Beach is concerned, the S/PDIF input is more of a way to record digital signal to your pc than it is a way to listen to digital signal.

        Back to #2, I'm still wondering about the main differences between the two, other than one being black and one being beige. Turtle Beach does not make any mention on their website of what "improvements" the SRM has over the Roadie.
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          I've been trying to get working at 100% my Infill G4 with my Sound Blaster USB Live! 24-bit External. The problem I have is the same as many other guys out there in this forum have: Sound stops after resume from standby. In my case, Centrafuse, stops playing music and I have to close Centrafuse in order to get my sound card back to work.

          It seems that Infill G4 resumes first (and Centrafuse) before the external USB soundcard does, and this causes the problem.

          I have two questions regarding this issue:

          #1: Does anyone have resolved this issue? If so, can you please tell me how to resolve it?

          #2: If not, am I going to get rid of this problem by buying the Turtle Beach Roadie?