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Andrea DA-350 molex connector question, 3 or 4 wires?

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  • Andrea DA-350 molex connector question, 3 or 4 wires?

    The Andrea DA-350 microphone that I have has a short wire coming out of the mic to a 6 pin molex connector, with 6 wires. The connector that came with mine that plugs into that has 3 wires only, red, black, and green, though it looks like it should have a 4th, above the green, as there is a metal wire connector in the molex connector. The 3 wires run down to eventually provide the 12 power feed and the stereo jack. This may be something the installer screwed up on, clipped or pulled a wire out and didn't notice, for now the mic is not working. Below is a photo, but it's not clear enough to show the extra metal pin still in the connector.

    Can someone let me know how many wires they have on the molex connector on this mic?


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    There are supposed to be 4 wires !


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      Oh wait I think I spoke to you ! ... Yeah man you still haven't work that out yet... What about the rest of your install were you able to salvage that?
      Unfortunately with the high price of those mics we do not have a spare harness laying around as stated before i would strip the wire a lil further down and make that connection


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        I did get it worked out, I posted this before I called you. Managed to get it repaired by striping down that wire. Thanks for confirming 4 wires.