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Shipping address didn't parse from paypal

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  • Shipping address didn't parse from paypal

    I just finally ordered my Opus 250 Power Supply from the store and used paypal to pay.
    My billing address is my old address, and my shipping address is my new address. (Just moved two days ago, haven't updated everything yet.)

    When I was selecting the payment method in paypal, I selected the correct shipping address, and assumed it got entered in the order, but there was no confirm page to show what happened. I immediately open my e-mail and it shows the shipping address as the old one (incorrect) and it wouldn't allow me to edit the order since it was already in the final stages of processing.

    It's not a big deal since I have access to both addresses still, just a little inconvenient, but it would have been nice to have a page before it's all said and done to show the details of the order and then have a "Submit" button. If it was a big deal I'm sure I could have called the customer support number and had it changed.

    It's just a suggestion, but may make a huge difference.
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