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Best Purchase - 7" Touch Panel replacement for Lilliput

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  • Best Purchase - 7" Touch Panel replacement for Lilliput

    I have had a Lilliput 7" (619GL) since July 2004, and I have lived with the less than perfect touch screen functionality. It used to be close enough, but recently I was losing more and more of my right edge controls in Road Runner. Constant calibration and linearization would improve things for a while, but it was never right on. So, last week I decided to give one of these a shot...

    I was apprehensive since I hadn't seen many / any posts on it, and I wasn't sure how much would be involved. I got even more nervous when it showed up and there was no documentation at all. Plus, it was obvious from the tape on the edges and the foam residue on the connector that it was just removed from an existing Lilliput. That said, the screen was in perfect shape and obviously never used.

    The installation was a bit slow as I had to make note of where everything came from so I could get it back together minus instructions, but it wasn't too hard.

    I just reinstalled the monitor in my car and it is better than it has ever been. I could never get all the way to the right edge, even when brand new, but now I can. Touches anywhere on the screen are now perfect. And I can finally use the GAS button on Road Runner's GPS screen!

    Very pleased... A well spent $40! Thanks.
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    congrats...good information!