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  • SuperSize your motherboard!

    I just installed a new d201gly2 little valley in my car and needed more powered USB ports with lots of bandwidth. MORE POWER! Arghh!

    I wanted 6 full power 500ma ports with full USB 2.0 bandwidth and I got it!

    We needed a new part for the store.

    Drill a half inch hole in your case, suck out the metal pieces, stick in this cable pack and you are read to go.

    Each cable pack includes two USB ports and one grommet. The photo above is an installed example of two kits.

    We have only tested this on the Intel Little valley. If you find this works on a different board please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will update this list.

    You must secure this cable on the inside of your case otherwise any stress on this cable will tear up your motherboard.

    Buy a kit here