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Which remotes/devices are compatible with the USB-UIRT?

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  • Which remotes/devices are compatible with the USB-UIRT?

    Which remotes/devices are compatible with the USB-UIRT?

    We are trying to generate a list for customers and forum members.
    If you are using a device just fine, it would be great to know.
    Suggestions or Comments on the forums? Post here.

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    PAC SWI-X SWC Interface


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      It might be easier to list what devices users have tried that are not compatible. The USB-UIRT is compatible with most all remotes and IR devices. Only some B&O devices come to mind as not compatible as they use a different IR frequency (from dim memory).


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        I've used one in the past. I've used quite a few remotes on it with no issues. It receives from 38 - 56 KHz, but only transmits at 38 KHz (though I doubt you need transmit in this case).

        I'll look up exactly what remotes I have. I do know that there was one remote I had that did give me some problems (and still does).