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Infill G4 wiring harness connector

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  • Infill G4 wiring harness connector

    Is the wiring harness connector to Infill G4 a standard type where I can get it from any audio workshop or is it a specific one that I can order?

    I'm looking to remove my G4 from the dash to work from home but w/o pulling out the the cables that are already crimped so I've to leave the original connector in the car intact with the cables.

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    If you have the G4 harness connected to say a metra harness that plugs into your original stereo harness (follow-that?) it might be easier to go to a junkyard and cut the radio harness and plug the adapter into it to bench test.
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      Hi Deric,

      Thanks for replying.

      I'm not sure I get you cos I don't have much background in electrical wiring stuffs and car audio wiring.

      Perhaps I do not know how to describe it better to begin with to receive help I can understand. Let me try again.

      From what I can see, the cables that originate from the car do not have the original connector intact (I opted w/o default stereo when I bought my car) but rather the ends are crimped to the ends of the G4 wiring harness and in turn the G4 plastic connector on the harness connects to the G4. Hope I make sense. What is the industry standard name for this plastic connector so I can refer to it correctly. Is this connector a standard fit for most if not all car stereo that I can purchase from car audio shop? I know I'll have to match the pinout of the G4 to get the the 12v, acc and ground to work on the bench.

      Otherwise, without the connector, what can I do to power up the G4 on the bench if I want to avoid recrimping each time I take the G4 in and out of my car.

      I'm hoping the short answer is yes, the connector is a standard fit and I can get it from most car audio shop.

      Sorry for being such a noob.


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        There are kits available that let you plug into your factory stereo harness without cutting the connections.

        This harness is a bridge between the factory harness and the Infill harness. If you don't have one of these in your setup and the infill was either crimped or soldered directly to the factory harness I would cut the connections and replace them with male and female spade connectors

        This would allow you to easily remove the unit from car and connect it on the work bench.

        Hope this helps
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        2006 F150 with removable Nexus 7

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          Thanks Deric! I will seek local shops to get something like these.


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            For the spade connectors he listed-- just make sure you electrical tape the metal connection, otherwise, they could short out on other spade connections, and that could cause all sorts of problems..
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              I was thinking about it and went online to search that there are those with insulators.