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What training or courses would you like to see on Video?

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  • What training or courses would you like to see on Video?

    Let us know what informational or training courses you would like to see.
    Here is a list from some time ago:

    I'd like to see a basic rundown of how each peripheral works.

    1. What OBD is and the basics of how it works. Like explain how you need a reader, what your reader options are currently, how much they generally run and what else you would need to buy once you commit to the project.

    2. How GPS works, the fact that there's no subscription fee and what you need to buy in order to have it work. Same as above.

    3. HVAC, same as above.

    4. Relays, what they're good for and the basics of how they work.

    5. Proper wiring gauges and where they go. Proper soldering techniques for those afraid of irons.


    Some ideas that come to mind are:

    1) Bondo/Forming Bezles
    2) Safety Considerations and electrical hazards (for both you and your equipment)
    3) What to look for in main boards/components (recomendation and known issues)
    4) controling heater/air conditioner
    5) best practices and guidlines for ensuring quality work

    I would love to have videos or docs for:
    - Info and entertainment Zones. Having multiple monitors, multiple inputs, multiple independent zones, IR transmitters for headphones, and volume control
    - electrical setup. How much power am I drawing and do I have enough.
    (from Maheriano: I don't know exactly how to do the math to find out what the load on my 5 volt rail is. Or how many amps I'm pulling through my power cable or how to add up the electrical demand on my computer when looking for the right wire gauge to use)
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    Those are some Really good ideas. I'm thinking keep most videos around 2-4 minutes long?