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Kudos MP3Car Store. Fastest shipping experience ever !!!!!!!!!

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  • Kudos MP3Car Store. Fastest shipping experience ever !!!!!!!!!

    I have ordered stuff from the store before and I must say you guys are great.
    I usually receive my orders between 3-5 business day days after my order has shipped.
    This time though someone was exceptional.
    I placed an order for a touchscreen monitor for my vehicle on Friday morning.
    I honestly expected it to get shipped out today.
    When I got an email saying my item was shipped today with the accompanying tracking number and ship date of 02/04/2013 my first thought was to click my tracking number to look at it.
    Imagine my surprise when I looked at the tracking status only to find that it was delivered at 10:28AM this morning. I am at work so I cannot check my mailbox but I am stoked.
    Either that USPS driver broke the speed limit getting to NJ from MD or the post office has figured out a way to move matter through space and time or I was lucky enough that my package got shipped on Friday
    Either way that was still pretty fast considering the post office should be closed on Sunday.

    Thanks again and USPS
    2002 Chevrolet Avalanche
    Gigabyte Z97 mITX Intel Mobo, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5-4590S 3.0GHz Proc, 320 GB Hard Drive, Dual 12' VGA HDMI DVI touchscreen monitors,....

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    Thanks for your order and sharing the story! Glad to hear everything worked out so well. -Rob