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Intelligent dc-dc with USB fault

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  • Intelligent dc-dc with USB fault

    Hi, I have been having huge hassles with my car pc setup which I have narrowed down to the power supply.

    The computer was randomly turning off and on, which has resulted in several instances of being sick with a flat battery in the morning ... Very inconvenient.

    I am using the Intelligent DC-DC with USB power supply from your store to monitor the ACC voltage and send the on/off pulse to the computer when I turn the key on. Perfect in theory, completely random in practise. I ended up putting a push button switch in the accessories line to ensure that the signal was well and truly disconnected but the computer still will randomly turn on even with no change in the ACC voltage.

    Any ideas why? It is becoming extremely frustrating. The next step is to run a couple wires to a second switch up the front to turn the pc on and off manually, removing the power supply control, but this defeats the whole purpose of buying the 'intelligent' power supply.