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  • Great, fast experience

    I have order from the store twice and so far my experiences have been great. I've had next day delivery both times since I live in a neighboring state. Shipping is fast and both times has been same day as my order.

    I did have a problem with the product ordered the second time, a touchscreen, but I'm sent in an emai land we'll see how this pans out. So far though the Mp3car store is the best I've worked with. As a comparison I tried ordering the same touchscreen from two other store only to find one out of stock and a quick refund of money and the other I am still working to get my money back.

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    SO far the service is starting to take down turn. I received a broken LCD, talked with someone who requested pictures, I assume to see if I dropped it or to check for damage, and I haven't had a response for 4-5 days since I sent pictures.

    I do have to say they take your money really fast and ship orders quick, but after the sale things take a turn, so far from my experience. We'll see how the situation goes, but from reading others posts on here....


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      I apologize for the slow communication, it's my fault if things get jammed up when you send a support ticket to the store (and they do more than I'd like).

      I sent you an RMA a couple of hours ago. It's happened in the past where people send us monitors back with cracked panels claiming that's how they got them. It turned out they had done a little switcharoo, by taking them apart and switching the front part of the bezel out with their damaged one. So we're a little skeptical when we get an email like that and since processing these takes a while (chasing down serial numbers, pictures, fighting with vendors, etc..) we aren't thrilled to jump in and help out just to find out somebody is trying to rip us off (although that doesn't excuse the slow communication).

      From the pictures you sent us you hadn't done anything like that though (just to clear it up for people reading this).

      I understand you're frustrated and I get frustrated because I"m here 10+ hours a day and I still can't catch up (and it goes in circles like that), but I guess we'll just have to shuffle some things around and make it work for everybody.

      So send the unit in and we'll make it work. Lol I may have to stomp on the box and yell at xenarc for not being careful how they ship their stuff....Just kidding Xenarc (if you're reading this) I'll be honest and let you know that's how we got it


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        Yes I am so glad to get a response and an RMA. I am anxious to get this monitor installed. I am so glad we had a quick and mutual resolution.

        I can understand wanting to make sure someone is not pulling a fast one on you. I think generally with a community such as this however that most people are not like that and just want to get their equipment and getting it working. I know I for one am not the type to try and rip someone off. I look forward to finally receiving my monitor, hopefully undamaged and working perfectly.

        Thanks again for the pleasant email and this post. It really restored my faith; this is the third place I have tried to buy my monitor and I thought it was going to be a third hassle. Luckily it was not the case.