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  • Great experience

    Just putting this up here for anyone considering making a first time purchase from the mp3car store.

    I bought:
    Aopac kit for Carnetix DC PSU
    5V/15W add-on regulator for Carnetix DC-PSU
    BU-353 GPS receiver

    paid extra for order processing to ensure it got shipped same-day.

    The store did their job in getting it shipped by end of the business day via UPS worldwide express. However UPS did not meet their 'next day' delivery commitment for US->Canada shipping... I ordered on a Thursday, they missed Friday and monday was a holiday in Ontario... So i didn't get everything until Tuesday.

    Complained to UPS and they waived the duties i owed (~$10), so i'm satisfied with that little debacle.

    Everything showed up, was new, and worked... Will definately look at the store again.

    *Anyone ordering from Canada*
    If you want to avoid highway robbery via UPS's 'brokerage fees' make sure to ship your order express... Ground shipments will en up costing you either the same or more in the end after the fee, unless you broker your own package.