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T3 Installed But No Radio!

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  • T3 Installed But No Radio!

    So I have my T3 finally installed. But when I switch to radio no sound is played, I have the antenna connected, it is not powered. Everything is fine in Device manager no exclamation marks, all drivers installed.

    When I go into radio setup in Streetdeck Lite, I have 2 options, 1 is Faker Radio Plugin and the other one is Radio Mouse.
    I have tried both and no sound, not even radio static. Which ones should it be set on?
    When I try to tune for stations it does skip past valid ones.
    All other sounds and music work fine.

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    Several things to check:

    1. Set the radio to plugin selected in the config.
    2. With streetdeck windowed...double check your windows volume levels. See if one is muted and adjust to see if it fixes.
    3. Try from a fresh start, there have been issues with standby/resume and the radio.
    4. DO NOT ADJUST fader, balance, or channels in streetdeck. This doesnt work on the T3 on the latest versions anymore. I only get front channel when in SD now.
    5. You may need a different version of the via audio deck drivers. I used the ones that came off my SD DVD, but I think there is a post with links to them somewhere on this forum.

    6. Do you have your cables connected between both head units properly. There is a T3 install guide on the forum. If you dont have the front and rear(labeled "real" on the cables on the harness) then you arent passing the sound from the radio/tv to the main unit properly. I messed this up the first time I hooked it up.

    Let me know how it goes...
    Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
    Infill T3 running StreetDeck


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      Don't click on Faker radio. It should be on Radio mouse. It may be SD keep muting the master or wave volume in Windows, when in Radio module. I had a problem where SD kept muting the wave or master volume in Windows. When you don't have sound with Radio, goto Windows sound setting and check. It may be muted.
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        Thanks guys it was the right line out not connected properly, and the muting issue, since I should have at least heard the left channel. Radio is working fine, and I'm impressed by the speed of changing stations.


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          Can you do me a favor and test your channels to see if you get sound out of rear, center, or sub while in streetdeck? Mine works in the via audiodeck fine, but as soon as streetdeck loads im screwed. Im trying to get a few more T3 users on SD to push the developers to fix this. They are telling me I am out of luck right now.

          I bought my unit from mp3car almost a year ago. Figure I would have had support for at least a year. Guess I can laugh at the G4 guys in a year when the G5 comes out and they start falling in the same category.
          Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
          Infill T3 running StreetDeck


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            I have an Amp have Front L/R, Rear L/R going to AMP. All speakers + Sub are hooked up to the AMP. So I don't have the Sub/Center RCA's connected. Ill try anyway to see if my Bal/Fad etc work.

            I couldn't find a TEL Mute line on the wiring harness so I cant connect my Nokia Bluetooth carkit to mute the T3... is the a TEL Mute wire?