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DIVX Codec not working in SD

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  • DIVX Codec not working in SD

    Hello Everyone...

    I'm a new Infill T3 User. I put some DIVX AVI Video Files on my HD... For some reason, Media Player 11 didn't have the proper codecs and only the audio would sound with no image. I downloaded the Codec and the Videos now play properly in Windows but NOT in SD... still just audio with no image when playing in SD.

    Is there a way to get SD to recognize the new codec so the videos can be played within the front end? I have a lot of these videos (created with Archos video recorder) and would hate to have to shut SD to view them. Thanks!

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    I am sure you're not the only one with this problem. And the developers of SD should know. You should report the bug in the Software/Front end, StreetDeck, Bug Report forum.
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      I wonder if SD needs to be reinstalled because of the codec addition... is it possible that once SD communicates with Media Player at installation, any changes after that will only take effect in Windows and not SD? If so, maybe if I reinstall SD, the program will recognize the new codec and apply it to applicable DIVX files.


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        Called MP3car... Naqueal told me to download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack... said it will fix the problem!