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    Hi -

    I'm new to this so this might be a simple question that's been answered a 100 times already so I'll apologize in advance.

    How do I get the Virtual Earth button to show on SD Navigation... I believe I'm running the newest version of SD and it's not there. I looked up Chuck's thread and wasn't sure if that applied to the version of SD I'm using.


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    The screen should look like this...

    If you dont have that button, you may have a problem with your default skin or the skin you have loaded. A repair or reinstall may fix the problem, but did you even load a different skin or modify one?

    Also, which version of SD are you running.
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      Thanks Sharpmat007 -

      It was the version I was running. Virtual Earth showed up when I updated to 109.8.


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        Originally posted by sharpmat007 View Post
        The screen should look like this...

        How funny is that, out of all of the roads in the world, I know exactly where this one is. Right down the street from our doctor's office, where our daughter was born and my graduate school campus. Small world.
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          Does this virtual earth work if you have centrafuse? anyone have a picture on how it looks using centrafuse instead of street deck. Im really new at this stuff.