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Audio not working correctly in SD

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  • Audio not working correctly in SD

    Hello -

    My rear speakers do not get audio... only my front 2 speakers. The fader control in SD doesn't send audio to the rear. But when I'm not in SD, my audio works everywhere.

    Has anyone encountered this and is there a way to get the speaker settings in Windows to take effect in SD? This is a big bug considering it's a car "entertainment" system and listening to media is a primary function of the infill.

    I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks!

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    Thanks for posting rather than PMing me. Wanted to make sure I get as many T3 users backing me to get the problem fixed.

    So far to correct the problem on the latest version of SD you have to basically perform these steps everytime before you start SD and after resuming from hibernate/standby to make sure it works everytime. I know its annoying, but atleast you can get all channels working until SD dev can get it figured out or give us an alternative.

    1. Exit Streetdeck if open.
    2. Open the Vinyl Deck(Via Audio Deck) that installed with the audio drivers from streetdeck dvd.
    3. Under Effect in Vinyl Deck check box for "Enable Stereo Sound Expander".
    4. Configure Speaker in Vinyl Deck for 6 channels. I usually click each speaker to verify sound is coming from each channel.
    5. Re-open Streetdeck.

    I get sound from all channels when I do this, but I have mixed results with the SD mixer. Sometimes the balance gets thrown to one side or the other. The Fader sometimes throws full volume level to the front channel.

    Let me know how this works and give details on any of your results. The more information the better.

    I am thinking of even trying to code my own windows volume control overlay, but I need to find out how to tell SD to treat the builtin sound card like an external one and not use their code to control it.

    My last resort is to by an external sound card...crazy to have to do that though!
    Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
    Infill T3 running StreetDeck


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      Hey Sharp-

      You are using an external amp, correct? So you have the RCA outputs hooked up to your sound system. If Nice is using the internal T3 amp (speakers wired directly to T3), then the 6 channel setting is not going to work.

      Just a clarification if nice doesn't have an external amp...



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        Hi Sharp...

        I have a DVD Program on my HD whose Audio Settings were overriding SD's settings. When I changed the Audio in the DVD program from Dolby to Stereo and adjusted the volume level in the DVD program as well, this corrected the problems I was having with SD audio.

        I'm waiting to see if SD will hold retain the current settings or if I'll have to make the changes again when I come out of stand-by. I'll let you know but you may want to check any media Applications you have on your HD whose audio settings might be corrupting or overriding those in SD.

        Good Luck.


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          do u guys have muted audio when coming out of stand by or hybernation?


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            No... my T3+SD seems to hold volume when resuming from standby.



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              sorry to dig this old thread up..

              but has this problem been solved?

              I have regular SD not Infill version. Windows Media Player gives me all 4 speaker outputs, but SD only gives me the front 2.

              Sometimes I get it to work by closing SD. Running WMP and starting a song, it plays in 4 speakers I then have to run SD and play a song on top of it and if it is in 4 speakers then i can exit WMP.

              As you can tell this is a little annoying, plus it doesnt work ALL the time.


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                Dunno abt that, but my SD install works verrry poorly.

                Songs inwrong order, some not even visable.

                Won't let me config gps, cause it says I'm going 45 in my driveway!!
                Happy CarPC'ing!