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  • Please confirm this!!!

    I have a backup camera installed and from time to time i get this error "camero 0 not configured", and when i do the camera input does not work any more. Now you dont have to have a camera to do this:

    1 - Hit the backup camera button, do this several times until you get an error, your music must be playing.
    1 - when you get the error go to settings and toggle fullscreen to the smaller window then back to the full screen SD window. Now wait until the track changes and at this point you should get no audio...

    I done it several times without is the only way to get your camera to work after an error, but it mutes the music. I just want confirmation before i post as a bug, maybe its something i'm doing wrong.

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    I can tell you that I had a problem with the backup camera while I was using the SD. I feel your frustration, as I was upset at everything about the compatibility issue of SD with T3. While the program may work for generic computers, it has numerous problems like sound and backup camera. I paid good money for SD to work as stated. It didn't. I honestly doubt if they actually tested updated version of SD with T3 to see if everything functions correctly.
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      i saw some older threads that stated that the updates will still be tested on a t3, but i doubt it, some of these bugs are too abvious to miss.


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        I can tell you that "godofcpu" has a T3 benched... I think he does test SD on the T3. I've not had many problems with SD... my audio is great and camera works flawlessly. 109.8 fixed my audio problem which I had with an earlier version and I don't believe this was accidental.

        The only issue I'm having with SD and the T3 which I believe might have been accidentally overlooked is stand-by. The new version of SD will not allow stand-by... it shuts the T3 down when the ignition is powered off... I believe stand-by changes were made for the G4 and those changes had a negative effect on the T3. Other than that, SD works like a charm on my system. Good luck with resolving your issues.


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          So you nevere get the camera error? what driver did you use? are you willing to post it for the rest of us who are having thie problem?


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            I didn't do my install... I'll find out what driver I used and let you know... I believe it was on the SD disc.