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How much would you pay for a T3?

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  • How much would you pay for a T3?

    This isnt an ad, but was pondering selling my Infill T3. Anyone willing to mention what they paid for their's and if there are any prospective buyers...what would you be willing to pay?

    Infill T3
    -Upgraded to 1Gb from factory 512mb
    -Upgraded to 80Gb hardrive from factory 40Gb
    -All original software, stickers, original boxes, hardware, and accessories
    -Accessories: GPS, 2 Harnesses, Wireless G Antenna, etc.
    -XM radio USB and antenna included
    -Powered TV antenna(Came with Infill)
    -Mp3 car BT dongle for Streetdeck including mini microphone
    -Streetdeck DVD and XP Home CD(Still sealed with license key)
    -U132 PCMCIA to USB adapter for PCMCIA Wireless data cards
    Condition: Used (Less than 7000 miles(roughly 150 hours...really!)

    Reason I am inquiring is that I have had my car for 2.5 years now and I just hit 7000 miles only by taking road trips. I bought my new car and my Infill before I landed a job across the street from where I live in DC. Althought I enjoy having it, I really don't need the car and the car payments could go to better use.
    Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
    Infill T3 running StreetDeck

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    For all of it, I would say $400 maybe!


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      I am interested in a T3

      If you plan to sell it Let me know, I was interested in a g4 but my car is not a 2 Din, its only a 1*8 Din Size So Let me know if you want to get rid off it


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        $1000... but that was before I built my own. It would've been so much easier just to buy a T3 or a G4 and stick it in the factory opening.
        2003 Nissan Xterra Worklog

        Total amount spent so far: $1196.64

        You will probably spend AT LEAST 2x what you initially budget for your CarPC Project!

        2003 Nissan Xterra - Modifications


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          I've recently bought mine from Australia (I'm in UK), secondhand via Ebay.

          I paid approx $600US but there was no manuals, boxes, software CDs etc and the machine was actually not working when it arrived. (All fixed now with a couple of replacement ribbon cables!)

          I'd agree with the $1000 quoted by tigergibb