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Infill T3 Screen Opening

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  • Infill T3 Screen Opening

    Hope one of you T3 owners can help. When I shut-down the T3 (close SD and Windows) and turn my car off, the computer is powered down. If I don't start my car for more than 18hrs, the screen will open on it's own and power. I guess the power storage box that's part of the power plug is timing out after 18hrs or so which has always been the case. But instead of staying powered down, the screen at that point opens... I've seen it happen. The bottom din does nothing... the computer is off. Just the screen is prompted. When I return to my car, the screen is fully functional without me turning the car on (I can open/close/tilt the screen without the key in the ignition). As soon as I turn my car on, the screen powers down and closes until I push the power button on the bottom din... then it boots up like normal.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone know how to correct this? This will be a problem when I'm out of town and my battery drains from the screen staying open and on.

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    Forgot to mention that I recently replaced the upper din...when I was installing the unit that day, whenever I would initially connect the power to the upper din, the screen would open (before powering up the computer). It happened each time I unplugged/replugged the power to the system.

    So basically, it's not that something is making the screen open back up. The lower din is keeping it closed until it times out. The screen would be open continuously otherwise. Does anyone know how to correct the upper din from continuously receiving power and only sending it power when the lower din is powered?

    Please help!!