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Infill T3 IDE Cable and Harness

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  • Infill T3 IDE Cable and Harness


    I have a Infill T3 Unit but I need to replace the 2 flex cables that connect the Hard Drive and CD-Rom to the board.

    And I need the Wiring Harness.

    Please someone can tell me where I can buy it.



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    I have just repaired my non-working T3 by replacing one of the IDE cables and the two cables that run to the front of the PC unit.

    I was a bit concerned because the original IDE ribbon seemed to have a crossover on one of the threads which I couldn't replicate but the new cable seems to work fine with the optical drive.

    I bought the cables from - 0.5mm pitch, 5 inch (125mm) length and 50 pin for the IDE. They shipped to the UK from the USA in 5 days - excellent service.

    I cannot guarantee it will work with your HDD but its worth a try.

    Not so sure if they sell the actual harness as well - why do you need to replace these?

    If you need the part codes I used, let me know.



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      My posts are disappearing??!!

      Leonardo - just fixed mine thanks to new cables from Digikey - try Googling.

      You need 50 pin 0.5mm pitch 5 inch (125mm) cable. Does not have crossover pin that seems to be on the original cable but my optical drive works fine now.

      Not sure about the wiring harness - which part?



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        Thanks for the answer.
        For The Wire Harness I need the cable with the regulator and the plug that connect to the Infill unit.
        Itís the cable that connects the Infill with the car wires.
        I remove the unit from my old car and lost the wire harness.



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          That's quite tricky! You could check with mp3car to see if they have spares.

          Alternatively, you'll have to try to get hold of the correct shape/size of plastic connectors and create the wiring yourself.

          Or... you could solder all wires in place - not too tricky for the PC unit but the screen unit has all of the speaker outputs to do as well!

          There's also some kind of in-line filter and a voltage regulator(?) box.

          The install guide for the T3 available somewhere on site, does show some of the wiring.

          If you end up trying to make the wires yourself, let me know and I'll try to send photos to help.