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TV on Infill T3

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  • TV on Infill T3

    I have never got the TV working on my T3, I also have infill station, but I can never tune in any channels just static.
    I am in a PAL country, I can't find info anywhere whether the tuner in the Infill T3 is PAL and NTSC compatible. Does anyone know?

    I do have the Antenna connected and powered, the power light shows at the antenna end.

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    I know this is old but hello? Noone knows?
    My T3 still works fine I dont see any point in changing a $1000 device when it's only been functional for 2 years.. I purchased it from MP3car.

    Also does anyone know if the new Centrafuse will work with the T3, i.e. the Radio especially. TV and buttons etc?