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  • T3 Issues

    Gues I'm the only one using one of these and posting, it appears..
    Anyway my unit working flawlessly for the last couple of years has now developed an issue

    My unit is doing some strange things, when I turn the ignition the unit doesnt power on. Only when I press the power button the DVD face will move down and the clock will show, no other signs of life. Then when I press the power button again, the bottom unit LCD will show the Asian writing i.e powering off? And then change back to the clock display.. thats all it does, no matter what I press, even a reset doesnt work.

    Unsure what Ill do, first I might pull all power, ie. disconnect the battery...
    if that doesnt work I'll pull the unit out and connect to my desktop 12V PSU to diagnose.

    Maybe some of the flex cables require replacing, will use the post by davcom to replace