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Infill T3 Monitor module questions

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  • Infill T3 Monitor module questions

    I purchased from E-bay a used Infill T3 system. The seller claims it works. I have been able to get the computer and Software to run with an external monitor and keyboard.

    It appears that something is wrong with the monitor module such that the motorized 7" screen will not open and turn on. If I take the top off and pull the screen out, when I power it up, the motor will try to retract the screen back into the housing.

    I have the installation guide, but there is no reference to what all of the buttons do on the front of the screen panel. The right button did not work, so I spent several hours fixing the plastic button (Overall the unit looks well-designed/constructed, but the push buttons they chose on the face of the unit are very poor quality.)
    When I push any of the buttons nothing happens.


    1. Does anyone have a user guide showing what all the buttons on the monitor are supposed to do?
    2. Is there someone out there still using the T3, and if so do you have any experience working on the monitor unit?
    3. I read that the Sumitomo flex cables often fail over time. Could this be the most likely cause of it not working?
    4. The LCD Screen motorized unit looks to be of high of quality and very robust. I presume that Infill purchased these modules from an OEM manufacturer. Does anyone know by chance who made the monitor assemblies for MAXAN/Infill?