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My tC is waiting for his G4...

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  • My tC is waiting for his G4...

    My recently installed motorized radio cover is ready and waiting. Bring on the G4!!!

    YouTube - Scion tC with TCover
    The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |

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    That is pretty cool!


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      That is awesome. Is that an option on the Scions, or are you just really good at custom mods?
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        Originally posted by Nola111 View Post
        That is awesome. Is that an option on the Scions, or are you just really good at custom mods?
        I wish it was an option... but it's more than a ***** and a half to setup.. they've had this out for a while now but omg.. the PDF w/ the directions made me not even think about getting it... soooo I took out the cover and molded in my screen lol

        I'm kinda sorry for that now since on sunny days it's almost unreadable but I bought a new center piece and I'll try it out again w/ the cover this time and still mold it in...


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          No, it's not an option. It's a servo and controller board from Pretty awesome. Turns on and off with the ignition, I'm always forgetting to close the cover. Not that big of a deal with the stock radio, but once the G4 goes in, it will be a nice theft deterrent.

          It wasnt hard to install at all. The PDF just looks overwhelming, but it goes into extreme detail. Took me a bout 3.5 hours, but I took it slow and did things right the first time.

          Well worth the time and money spent IMO.
          The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |


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            I have a tC ( and want to put a G4 in as well. I'm really glad to see your post here (

            I'm sure this goes without saying, but will you please post comments and instructions about your G4 install.

            Now that you've explained how to install the G4 and still keep the door (contrary to what this reply said, I'm particularly interested in the reverse camera and steering controls. They said that "Right now it is not functional".

            Can you give more details about the "spacer kit" you mentioned? Is there a make/model number or something I should be looking for?

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            Installed 09/17/07


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              The kit you need is the METRA 95-8202. Search eBay for it and you will find it. It's very cheap. You will also need a wiring harness to hook up the G4.

              Yes, I will post my install and review.

              If you want more info on installing a double din radio/computer into your Scion, I suggest that you visit a Scion forum instead. They have much more knowledge about it, and have done it. The G4 is just a double din unit. So, check out ScionLife or YourSciontC forums.
              The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |


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                I have a guide to my install


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                  Awe man that cover looks awesome! I've been purchasing the parts for my PC, I'll have to add the servo drive cover to the list.
                  My 2007 Scion Tc Install


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                    A tC is a she, not a he
                    So your "tC is waiting for her G4"


                    Sorry for trolling
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                      Nice to see that the Scion family is spreading to the Carpc side....

                      if you guys need/want LED Swap let me know I do then. I'm also on scionlife as "dasaint80" as my nickname(original!!)
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