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  • Aux Input for G4


    I have been reading the threads and checking out the pictures on the new G4, but I still have an outstanding question: Is there any way to get an Aux Input into the G4 from an external source such as an Ipod? I know that using a USB sound card with line-in would seem to be required, but would that also require use of an external amp? I want to use my Ipod for listening to audiobooks ( through the car speakers, but I am still trying to understand exactly what it would take to do so. Hoping those in the know here can help me out...

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    You can use your ipod via the usb cable with Streetdeck


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      Also you could get a cheap USB soundcard that you attach the analog output of the iPod to, and then just set Windows to use that soundcard only for input/recording (while the G4's onboard soundcard is used for playback).


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        or maybe go thru the MIC input on the back of the unit


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          The mic input on back works you have to enable it in windows I got mine to work this way but couldn't get my mic to work go figure going to mess with is more .
          mp3car infill g4


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            about the Mic Input:

            is it stereo, and can set windows it to line level input method?

            I have a Becker radio with really good audio Amplifiers embedded, and with a very good diversity FM radio with RDS and TMC. now i donīt know what i should use.

            Beckerto infill G4 or Infill G4 to becker?

            normally the best way is, i think go from Becker to Infill. So i can mixed the Audio Signal of the Becker and the navigation spoken language together.

            Or should i use an additional USB sound card with good Line In?

            any recomandations?



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              No Idea?


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                yesterday i test the MIC Input with a external IPOD. It sounds good. Am I right, that the soundcard driver detect automaticly if it a MIC Signal or a Line Level Signal?

                At your windows Soundcard Mixer you must use the MIC Slider (and enbale it in the recording settings)