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Auto-dim not occurring when headlights are on

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  • Auto-dim not occurring when headlights are on

    I see no display change when I turn my headlights on/off.

    Is there any test I can do to make sure the professional installer actually hooked up the headlight wire correctly?

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    Make sure automatically switch to night mode when head lights are on is checked in display settings. You also need to adjust your day and night screen brightness. The navigation module should change colors and is the easiest place to tell if its working. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      Yup , it is set to auto-switch to night mode.

      But I don't see any option for the day/night brightness.



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        I found the setting for brightness. Maybe my installer didn't hook up that wire correctly... will be a few weeks probably before I can find out - when I go back to get a speaker replaced.


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          any info on what is expected on the headlight sense wire? I know some cars send out a full 12v feed, while others pulse the line to indicate how dim the component should be. Will the Infill still switch to night mode even with the pulses? I just had mine installed last week, and no automatic switch happens when in navigation with the headlights on.


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            Bump. I have the installer looking at my system again, and they swear the headlight sense wires on the G4 are hooked to the only place on the harness and it's a dimmer line that likely pulses. Can the G4 somehow be set to work with this? The screen is annoyingly bright at night, and the U shortcut does not work on the G4 to manually activate night mode for the screen and maps.


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              You want to make sure they hooked up the Orange/White Illumination wire to the Illumination wire (may be Orange) and not the Dimmer (may be orange/white).
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                The installer was saying that my car (2007 Mustang) doesn't have an illumination wire in the harness that went to the stock system, just a dimmer line.