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Sound wiring with Andrea DA-350 and Turtle Beach Roadie

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  • Sound wiring with Andrea DA-350 and Turtle Beach Roadie

    I'm planning out my install for the G4 now, and I'm a bit confused on how to wire up my sound, specifically with the DA-350 coming with a USB adapter.

    The Microphone has a stereo 1/8 inch jack, and the USB adapter has symbols on it for mic , line in and line out. I have the Turtle Beach Roadie usb sound card that will be hooked to some external amps.

    With this setup in mind, how should I connect the mic to have echo free conversations via bluetooth, preferably in full duplex having just paid over $300 for the microphone. Should it be using the USB adapter? If so, does anything need to be done with the line in/out? Or should it be connected to the stereo mic in on the Turtle Beach device?

    Also, on the sound side, what do I need to do to get AM/FM radio using the Turtle Beach solution? I've read one mono way is to use the center sound out on the G4 to the line in on the Turtle Beach card, but I'd like a stereo method of doing this. Adam talked a little about it here but didn't really hint at a solution besides a high level input on the amp, something I can't do with the amp I bought already. Since the store didn't have a disclaimer when I bought the device that radio only worked via the onboard sound card, I didn't think much about it.

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    The USB adapter that comes with the Andrea mic is actually a 2-channel USB soundcard, as far as I can tell. So since you already are getting the better Roadie souncard, you can just discard the Andrea USB soundcard.

    I plugged my Andrea mic into the Stereo Mic In port on the Roadie, and it works fine when testing with Sound Recorder. I Windows, I set the microphone volume very low in the Recording section of the Volume control panel, since the Andrea mic is very sensitive.

    As for the radio, I think we're just out of luck until the SD team is able to get it working with external sound cards. I can't try the center line mono method since my G4 is already installed, but personally if it came down to that being the only way to do it, I would just revert to the internal soundcard and not use my amp.


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      Bumping this back up to try and get official confirmation before my installer reassembles the car again. I still don't have a working microphone solution, and we are trying to find what is wrong.