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subwoofer with roadie sc?

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  • subwoofer with roadie sc?

    I have the roadie soundcard hooked up to the infill in order to connect to 2 external amps of which one is a subwoofer amp. I have left and right line-out coming from the roadie to my regular amp. Can anyone tell me how to get a sub line-out from the roadie for my subwoofer amp?


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    You need some device that will take L/R stereo connections and farm it out to 2.1 or 4.1. Basically, an EQ with sub out capability will do this for you.
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      Thanks for your response. That could be a solution but i'd rather not add another component to my system. I tried using both the internal (realtek) and external (roadie) together. The internal for the sub-out on the G4 and the external for my other speakers. I can't get a signal from the sub-out though. Is what i'm trying to do possible? Can I use both soundcards together?


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        Only 1 sound card will work at a time for output. You can choose one or the other, but not both. You should just use a splitter if you need additional outputs. Developer (I am Chuck)
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