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G4 in a Bmw e46

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  • G4 in a Bmw e46

    Does anyone know if the G4 can fit into a bmw e46 using the double din bezel, also i dont know how much room there might for it to slot in.

    Thanks Kev

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    As long as the height & width are standard double DIN (7" wide X 4" high), the only consideration would be depth....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
      As long as the height & width are standard double DIN (7" wide X 4" high), the only consideration would be depth....
      Thats just what i was thinking, ive seen photos of people that have installed the pioneer avic double din unit, i suppose the G4 cant be far from the size of that.



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        I do not know much about BMWs.

        If your BMW is newer, you will need to check if you can hook it up to the factory amplification without any adapters or if you will need any adapters for your vehicle.

        I would recomend picking up a dash kit and a wiring harness for your particular vehicle to make installation easier.
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          you will need to do some serious vent modification..... and search for double din install (there are about a billion of them, sift through and find the ones with pics.) This is the reason I went with a PC in the trunk.... much easier.


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            Yes it'll fit. You can use my double-din bezel.

            $50 dollars to the first person that sends me pics of one installed using my bezel.



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              Hey all, I'm really thinking about buying one of these cars but I'm not too sure where to go with it though, what are the common issues with the car (if any) or is there a part that needs regular maintinace? went Servicing Stop with my car the other day and spoke to them and they gave me abit more of an insight on these cars (they know me, been using them for years) but need abit more help.


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                Anything is possible :-) Decent amount of space behind here but you may need to cut away some of the plastic support bracket between the upper and lower 1 DIN sections
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