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Add on HW recommendations for G4?

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  • Add on HW recommendations for G4?

    Hi @ all,

    have anybody Hardware recommendations for the Infill G4?

    I need a LAN Card 10/100Mbit (USB?) and a Bluetooth Stick with newest Bluetooth Standard.

    as second i want a small active microphone for the G4 (3,5mm stereo jack?), maybe with noice canceling technology for free speaking.

    that all to order in germany ;-)

    I want to use the centrafuse software with the g4 hardware, the feel & look is more serious than other software.

    anyone idea?

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    Why a LAN adapter? You're going to have a LAN in your car?

    Frankly, using Centrafuse witht he G4 will be a waste, as most of the built-in hardware is not supported... At least not as of yet.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      yes, i have a redudant wlan/umts router in my car, and one additional server jetway j7f4k with two lans and some other things that require a normal lan connection.. and: i need a USB LAN Card, thats need no special driver like NE2000 Network cards, for imaging the system over LAN.
      (My infill has no CDROM, i restore all of my Servers over LAN Boot) (perhaps that not working over USB LAN Card, but i can boot from USB Stick)


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        maybe, i need a second VGA output again, i need dual monitoring with VGA 800*600 quality. i have too displays, one for technical data of heading, and the other for control details.... does anybody know, how i can install a second vga output?

        i think at a USB Port replicator from Fujitsu-Siemens for it ultra small notebooks (maybe it is a targus device) with vga output, is not fast, but it is working for small (not highspeed) applications..

        where you see in the picture the becker Radio,

        there i will mounted the G4 later. the 8" TFT upperside
        should be the second display...


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          for all they are interested an a second touchscreen: Targus sell a USB docking station called



          Mobile Docking Station with video output

          - 4x USB Type A
          - 1x RS232 serial
          - 1x Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Network
          - 1x Mikrophon IN
          - 1x Audio OUT
          - 1x USB Type B
          - 1x 15 D-sub pin VGA (max. Auflösung 1280x1024, 16 bit)

          i evaluate this port replicator 2 years back for a big company, perhaps that will work..
          (i must organize that first, and test, what 2 Touchsceens do together ;-)
          maybe is a great idea, to enhance the missing outputs of the G4..



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            I don't know for certain, but I'm willing to bet that a USB port replicator like that Targus unit will jack around with Hibernation and Standby, whicht he G4 uses.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              yes, we will see ;-) tomorrow i will get the USB Port Replicator, then i will test it, with my other 8" TFT Touchscreen ;-) i hope that it works, so i can mount the G4 at the bottom and leave my 8" TFT upstairs in the middle of my car. perhaps, only the mounting in a KIA Sorento at the bottom is tricky. normally the radio is on the top where there is now mounted my 8" TFT. In Europe i don´t found the mounting kit to mount the 2DIn Radio at the bottom but i see that in the other KIA Sorentos outside from Europe ....

              puhh we will see it will be getting a hard time, to solve all the problems ;-)

              P.S. nice modifications and clean installation of your hardware :-) well look :-)

              at the following picture is it like i want. You see the radio (where i want to have the G4 mounted) at the bottom (mounted in a 2 DIN case)

              But where do i get this 2 DIN plastic mounting kit (bracket) to mount the radio at the bottom?

              at the moment it looks like that: (with a 1DIN Becker radio)


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                Today i get the ACP50, and the first tests sounds well.. :-)

                here in the german CarPC Soap you can see first some pictures ;-)


                later, when all works i will tell you my experiences ;-) (sorry for my bad english)