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G4 with Vista

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  • G4 with Vista

    Is it possible to get Vista or XP Pro on the G4? I have several spare licenses of each and would prefer the more polished OS to XP Home.

    Also, any word on when the next shipment is due in???

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    I can't see Vista running with any semblace of performance on a G4.
    It's very likely that there are no drivers for Vista for a lot of the components of the G4.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      bir - I have not used the G4, but I HAVE used Vista extensively with several front-ends. My advice to for the time being is do NOT use Vista if you plan to use either StreetDeck, Centrafuse, or Roadrunner. None of them function without issue on Vista. Vista is very cool, but not ready for our community yet (or maybe the other way around). Vista's SP1 is already being released next month (supposedly) so that may address a few things, but the rest will likely have to be addressed through updates of the front-ends.

      As far as XP, I have XP Pro in the car, but I have XP Home in the house. I have Streetdeck on both, and there is literally no difference in performance of that nor other F/E's. I guess it depends on what you want to do outside of your front-end.
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        Fair enough... Now I just need to know when the next shipment is due in.... Time for a new toy


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          There is another company selling the G4 with Vista preloaded, but it is not an G4, so buyer beware
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