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G4 can support dual zone?

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  • G4 can support dual zone?


    G4 can support dual zone? playing movie/DVD on the external monitor with earphones will listen to radio/music on the car speakers.

    If you have tried that (with or without success), please share your experience.


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    I know you can set up the touch screen and RCA out to act as two monitors (like any PC) giving you two visual zones...but as far as Audio I'm almost positive you'll be set with just the one. There may be a way using an external sound card to send out a second audio signal, but that is pure speculation on my part.

    Anyone confirm/contradict my assumption?
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      You will need to run a sound card that is capable of multiple audio streams. This is not so much a question of if the G4 can do it, but of what hardware do you need to make it happen. There are a few motherboards out there on the market that can do this with the onboard sound, but not many.
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        So let’s talk about SD.
        And assuming I’m using the G4 with 2 USB sound cards (like the creative Audigy 2 NX)?
        Do SD can handle two zones (one for video and the other for music)?