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StreetDeck and other PC problems with my G4

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  • StreetDeck and other PC problems with my G4

    Hope somebody can help me with this. After installing a few softwares, seems like my StreetDeck and PC configs got messed up.

    1. When StreetDeck tries to start up, I get an error message saying that StreetDeck couldn't be found in E:\. The G4 came partitioned C:\ and E:\ (E:\ for data storage purposes, I presume). Some of the softwares I installed were GomPlayer (media player), Netgear Wireless USB adapter, and the Belkin Media Pilot Wireless Keyboard.

    2. When I try to run media files directly off the PC, from windows explorer by double clicking on the media file, it gives me a huge error message. The message basically says the command was executed with invalid parameters. It then lists all the possible parameters (for streetdeck?). Is the G4 set up so no media files can be run directly off the computer?

    3. My volume up and volume down keys seem to be mapped to something other than volume up and volume down. When I press those buttons, it no longer adjusts the master volume settings.<br /><br />

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    the actual error msesage says "The curent aplpicaton path (E:\\StreetDeck)could not be found! Application will now exit.


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      I accidentally moved the data folder from My Documents (which is on E:\) to a different folder. So moving it back fixed it.

      I also changed the default filetype for avi files. So it plays the video files fine too.


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        So all fixed now?
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          I think so. I'll mess with it a lil more.