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Sirius w/ Streetdeck and G4...

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  • Sirius w/ Streetdeck and G4...

    I have purchased the Sirius SC-C1 and Mitch's interface from
    I was wondering if any of you guys have gotten this working on your G4?

    If so, where are you running the 1/8" stereo line to?

    Does anyone have any pics of their install?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer...

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    I think everyone pretty much use a external sound card with the G4.. and you just plug it into the line-in plug on the external sound card
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      Yeah I was kinda thinking that...To be honest I am happy with the onboard sound so far...
      Guess I will pick up an external just to try and get Sirius working...

      (now if I could just get the audio to not re-set to zero everytime I put a DVD in)


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        You could probably use the mic input...


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          Originally posted by enigma9o7 View Post
          You could probably use the mic input...

          Interesting...never thought of that...

          Has anyone tried this?


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            You might get lucky with the mic input. Some sound card drivers equalize the mic's output and make any other type of input sound like crap. But... I hvae come across cards that worked this way just fine.


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     I am launching Sirius with the -sirius switch, my default output soundcard is the onboard Realtek within the G4...
              Default Mic in soundcard is USB Turtlebeach Amigo.

              I have the line out from Mitch's SC-C1 interface going into the Amigo Mic in port.
              When I go to the Satellite Radio Module, I get the weather station so I believe everything is set up correctly. However, the sound is HORRIBLE...I can hear the weather station, but there is TONS of static...

              Also, when I click on Radio Information it is not pulling the Radio ID
              Has anyone else had any luck getting Sirius working with the G4?


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                Think I have my issue resolved....
                The Turtle Beach Amigo by default boosts the Mic levels...

                I unchecked the micBoost option, lowered the mic level to a minimum and now it sounds decent...