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infill g4 with SSD Harddisk

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  • infill g4 with SSD Harddisk

    Hi @ all,

    i have installed a 16GB SATA SSD (solid State Disk) Harddisk into my Infill G4. But now the hybernate function donīt work anymore. Windows let me see, the hybernation screen, but the progress bar for saving is freezing. any Idea what i can do that the G4 works with hibernate?

    I used a "supertalent" 16 GB SSD HDD. maybe i must change some parameters in the crazy BIOS settings?



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    Just curious if you ever got your 16gb ssd working? I am thinking about putting a ssd in my G4, it's annoying first thing in the morning trying to boot up with a regular hdd. Take 3 or 4 minutes for infill to boot properly, I assume cause the hdd is too "cold".


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      hi dally, that was an problem of the supertalent ssd sata disk. i used some other IDE SSD disks in some other carpc hardware they works all fine. (SANDISK, Samsung, Hama.)

      but dont use a hardisk under 40MB/s, (transcent) that are too slow.

      the ssdīs works absolutly stable with 0 degrees.



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        Thanks Marci. I am going to look into an ide ssd. The boot up problems on the regular hdd are very annoying, I really appreciate your advise.

        Thanks again...



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          No Problem. Iīm right, your own G4 is the IDE Version? Than iīm shure, you have no problems with SSD. the IDE Variants of SSD disks are 2 years out of experimental status.

          the 32GB 2.5" IDE SAN Disk is very good, and the Samsungs too. (but they you become the most of the time only as an OEM vendor - at least in germany :-(


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            Yes, my G4 is the ide version. The original 40gig hdd crashed 3 times, and at the 3rd time was dead. I replaced it quickly with a Seagate Momentus 5400.2 drive which is supposed to be very good at shock resistance, but I still find it very annoying on cold starting my car, it takes a good 3 to 4 minutes for the drive to boot up because it's "cold". So I'm going to sacrafice storage space and go with an SSD I think. When it's cold out does the SSD still come right on?

            Thanks Marci for all your help, I appreciate it.



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              Hi Dally, all actually SSDīs from Main-Manufactorers works fine with CarPC Projects. At the moment there a 2 vehicles with VP6300 (a little bit the same like Infill see ) within the arctis that have at the moment -30 degrees. Most of the probs are the TFT Display. Only LED Displays work long time good if it cold. (the background illumination breakes every 1/2 years) Last year I build some components for an rally within +50 degrees, all works fine :-) We use 1.8" Samsung IDE SSDīs with adaptor for CarPC use, this are embedded too in the trip computers of Mitsubishi Evo and Toyota Landcruisers. very well :-)