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  • TV Out???

    Is there something I need to do in Windows or in Streetdeck to get the TV Out functionality to work?

    I just replaced the front headrests in my truck with a set of the Vizualogic DVD player/monitors...

    The are capable of accepting a single set of RCA inputs, so I thought I would just use the "TV Out" rca from the back of the G4 and feed that to the headrests...I do not need dual zones or anything like that, I am perfectly fine with the backseat passengers watching what is on the front fact that is my goal...

    The problem is I cannot get any video signal at all when using the TV Out RCA from the G4...I know the issue is not the headrests because I plugged in a small portable DVD player to the headrest's external input and it worked perfectly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    Noone is using the tv out on the g4???


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      So I spoke with MP3car support and if I go to display settings there is indeed a 2nd monitor listed.
      If I choose to "extend the desktop to this monitor" that enables the RCA output.
      I can select a window and drag it over to the right, and it shows up on the rear monitors...
      What I cannot find is an option to actually mirror what is displaying on the front monitor...Does anyone know of any 3rd party software or any way to accomplish this?



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          Enable the 2nd monitor and don't select extend my desktop to this screen I think. Will check tomorrow on my dual screens at work.
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