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VERY Interested in the G4

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  • VERY Interested in the G4


    I'm very interested in buying the G4 for my dodge magnum. I just had a few questions.

    When you buy the G4 from does it come with the Nav disc for canada/North Ameica, or do I have to buy that in addition to the GPS.

    Also how reliable is it to order from the web site, My dad is concerned about not getting a warranty or what I wold do if it were to stop working.

    Any input would be greatly apprciated.

    Thank you very much!

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    After reading through the forum i've noticed a lot of complaints bout the G4 system.

    Are there still a lot of problems with this system or have they been worked out?

    I'm leaning heavily towards the Pioneer Z2, but the Hard Disk Drive space of the G4 is what has me in between systems.

    If anyone could please help me out, i finally have enough cash to buy a system and i don't want to regret it.


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      Great thanks for the help everyone....went with the Pioneer