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G4 in house.. Centrafuse vs SD? OBD-II how to?

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  • G4 in house.. Centrafuse vs SD? OBD-II how to?

    hello there carputer gurus.. just bought my first infill G4, received it today and i love it.. incredible how they put all that in such a little box..

    but was consedering to buy either centrafuse or streetdeck to it.. see that the main thing on these forums seems to be SD.. but wich is better? i am very picky about navigation, i drive alot so need something good.. see that the sd uses map point from microsoft anyway, could i use any navigation software i wanted and "integrate" it into the g4? how does this work?

    and how about the coolest thing, the OBDII feature, how is this done practically? is there an place to buy an obdII plug that plugs into the usb port or how is this done(dont laugh)..

    i drive a 07 toyota vigo by the way..

    thank you..

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    Its just me but I prefer Centrafuse over streetdeck alot of people like roadrunner alot but I believe thats because its a free frontend roadrunner didn't serve my purposes because there was always a lag in the screen transitions but my choice is centrafuse i like it because I can use destinator or iguidance with it I use iguidance so the plugin they have for centrafuse serves me well but it seems to be a way better frontend than streetdecki've used them both but I prefer centrafuse to streetdeck.


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      hello, thank you for your input.. what is iguidance?
      i seem to fall in love with streetdecks toch metod to go to music, videos, navi and so on.. is there the same on centrafuse??


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        I prefer centrafuse despite the late slow isues...
        Here in Portugal we have great weather, lots of brunnets, party a lot,drink a lot....


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          Yes centrafuse is much like streetdeck. Iguidance is my navigation engine of choice if you want to learn more about it you can go here


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            looks like iguidance does not have maps for europe? as said before, i live in norway..
            does the centrafuse have the shortcuts where you can write on the screen to get where you want? i find that very useful when driving, so i dont have to concentrate to much of what i am pointing at.. anyone have any input on the obd2 plugs and centrafuse/sd.. is it plug and play with the usb?


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              If you have elm device it should work...I have USB cable and i use vag com 409 for ob2.

              You can make it work as an external aplication.
              Here in Portugal we have great weather, lots of brunnets, party a lot,drink a lot....


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                hello, just ordered a obd - usb.. looking forward to this.. must say this carputer thing have opened a new world for me..

                im still on the fence regarding the streetdeck and the centrafuse software..

                can i use other navigation software and get it "integrated" in the SD/centrafuse?
                and if so, what are the best navigation sw out there? remember europe!