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Will The Infill G4 Fit My 2006 Lincoln Town Car?

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  • Will The Infill G4 Fit My 2006 Lincoln Town Car?

    Hello mp3car comunity, I'm joselmar a new member of the comunity, I was wondering if the G4 unit willfit my 2006 lincoln town car, because I'm deep interest on install one of these, and also if these are capable to handle differents softwares to play music like the bpm, raduga or pcdj, etc..

    I'll be very thanksfull with all the information that I can get.


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    If your vehicle has a double din opening, then it will most likely take the G4.

    As for the software, it runs StreetDeck if you purchase it from I would suggest doing a bit of research about StreetDeck as I'm sure you will have other questions about the software.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      OK....what about amplified system integrations? happens that I have an high amp output sound system but integrated with the factory system, using a Level Output Conveter (Audiocontrol LC7) to convert the high signals in to 4.5v to manage my 3 amplifiers.
      can I just use it with the G4 or so I have to think in some other options?


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        Yes you can use a high to low signal converter. I am using one on my system for my front speakers, the rear speakers on my setup goes directly to the G4.