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What is Start up and shut down like?

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  • What is Start up and shut down like?

    When using infill g4 and street deck, what is the start up and shut down like? Do you turn it on and off with the turn of your key like a normal car stereo, or do you need to do a more proper computer shut down before turning off your car?

    Also, when it starts back up, will it start playing your music right where it left off when you got out of the car, or do you have to manually start your music again?

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    It works just like a normal car audio head unit.

    Pull the key and it goes into a sleep mode, turn the key on and it kicks back on.

    As for the music, it depends on how you have it set in StreetDeck. That is one option though.
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      Thanks. That's awesome.


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        Unless you leave your car off for a day or longer; in that case the G4 shuts off completely and you have to wait as your $2000+ investment takes a few minutes to boot up. You can switch to always using hibernate, but that will mean about a minute of bootup time every time you start your car.


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          Interesting insight. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I use my bike for a lot of my commuting so there are usually a few days between each time I drive.