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Non-USB GPS replacement antenna for G4?

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  • Non-USB GPS replacement antenna for G4?

    The connector broke off the end of my G4's GPS antenna (where it plugs into the back of the G4).

    Anyone know of a compatible replacement (not USB; I am already using up all my hub's USB ports, and besides I do not want another wire going into my glove box where my USB hub is).


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    You should just be able to pick up a replacement active antenna, the "gps" itself is inside the G4, what broke sounds like just the connector for the extended antenna. Check eBay or around, shouldn't be much.
    All installed, and ready for visitors. Infill G4 in a 2007 Saturn VUE


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      I had bought a new antenna, but I was waiting until I got it installed until I replied to my post. Coincidentally, that just happened today (finally!).

      The antenna I got was the following:

      (The annoying logo on the antenna comes off pretty easily with nail polish remover.)

      For other people looking for a G4 replacement GPS antenna, you need a male MCX connector (must be a straight connector; the 90 degree ones won't fit).