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G4 reinstall without SD

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  • G4 reinstall without SD

    I want to clean-install everything in my G4
    Does anyone know how to do this from the restore dvd without installing any of the Street Deck software?
    The idea is to take advantage of whatever tweaking the mp3car store did to the OS and use the windows license that I paid for but without having to reinstall the Street deck specific software

    what version of xp are they using? is it "xplite"?
    If not, what is the xplite folder doing in there?

    Also I noticed there are some new versions of the infill drivers and bios should I be installing those or not?

    Do you guys reinstall with all the USB devises plugged in or should i install the OS first and plug in the USB devises afterwards?
    Testing Street Deck and Centrafuse on G4

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    I think you'll just need to restore from the DVD and then uninstall StreetDeck.


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      That's the way I understand it too, Spiro have you given it a whirl? How'd it work out for you? What front end are you using now?
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