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  • Multitasking

    Services like GPS, traffic reports, weather and emergency evacuation should be implemented in car computers. I think in the future, every driver of an automobile will have a touchscreen car computer.

    Hard drive music players for automobiles are the wave of the future because your personal playlist of songs are potentially more desirable than listening to radio.

    I've stopped listening to radio because of the undesirable music they decided to play instead of the music they used to play which is why I liked radio in the first place.

    If people are going to transfer music to their hard drive music player, they might as well transfer it via wifi from their laptop; or via USB from their portable MP3 player.

    The reason why I am saying this is because GPS systems are useful, and anybody who uses a GPS sytstem should have it multitask by having a playlist in shuffle mode. I think it is ridiculous that shuffle mode is not a factory default feature for models of MP3 player that I have to jury rig onto conventional car stereos.

    This is why computer multitasking is the way to go.