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Anyone gotten an SSD working on the G4?

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  • Anyone gotten an SSD working on the G4?

    Has anyone gotten an SSD to work with the G4?

    My current drive is a 250GB SATA Samsung HM250JI. But it seems to be dying (lots of hard drive errors at every bootup), and I want something that will make resumes from hibernate much faster.

    So I spent $400 on an Intel X25-M SSD, since I read numerous reviews that the controller used in other SSDs will causes frequent freezes.

    The problem is that the G4 BIOS rarely detects the drive. Sometimes it does detect it, and it shows up fine in the BIOS, but then it will not be detected by either Acronis or the XP setup.

    One thing that concerns me is that the G4 BIOS just shows Parallel ATA (PATA) instead of Serial ATA. There is no way to connect a PATA drive (other than the thin ribbon cable used for the DVD), but it seems that the SATA connection is there by way of Infill having soldered on a SATA adapter, which may not be fully meeting the SATA specification.

    I think that I am about to smash this G4 to pieces. It has wasted so many hours for me.

    Any ideas? I was hoping maybe for a BIOS upgrade, but I haven't found one yet. Definitely not on, which doesn't seem to have any mention of their G4 any longer.

    (The only thread I saw was, and there it fails on hibernate.)

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    It looks like the Intel X25 just has horrible compatibility. It would have been really nice if any of the many reviews I read before ordering it had mentioned that.

    It also is not detected by my main desktop computer (Asus A8N-SLI motherboard), and I've found that other users with that same motherboard have the same problem.

    It is detected by my other PC, which has an Intel motherboard.

    I just don't understand why the SSD won't even be detected when both my G4 and desktop PC have other SATA drives which work fine. (And the tech "support" at Intel didn't know either.)

    I'm ordering a 7200RPM HD to replace my existing corrupted 5400RPM HD, but still I'll be stuck with having to wait 40+ seconds to come out of hibernation each time (can't use standby since the G4 goes completely off overnight so often, even with a new car battery).


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      Wondering your initial question, if anyone is using SSD succesfully. My HD crashed and I'm looking for a replacement; I want to avoid this happening again, so if SSD is more reliable, I'll buy it. But don't wanna buy it if there's any chance I'll run into any issues, its $250 for a Patriot 128GB SATA SSD at frys and that's a lot more expensive than regular 2.5" hdd... I wrote mp3store (they dont have phone support anymore) and they said "You could replace that with any laptop hard drive (either disk or ssd)." so I guess they think it'll work.... but I dont really trust whoever wrote me that email cuz s/he also said "The hard drive is either sata or IDE." which is a pretty obvious, I dont think their were any other 160gb drives ever made besides IDE or SATA, it's not like MFM or anything else ever got that big, and since I bought it with the 160gb drive originally, and they installed it, you'd think they'd know which it was (and who made it, which I also asked but they ignored) without telling me to open it up and look... .anyways I'm rambling now...

      But the OP question is my question - Anyone gotten an SSD working on the G4?


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        If you havent bought your drives yet, check out the automotive grade Hitachi drives. I dont know if they are "G4 Compatible" but they are just normal drives, but much much much more rugged and have better controllers to limit the head movement. Pricy in terms of Gb/$ but still cheaper than an SSD and better life than a normal HDD.
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          I found this very informative article that is very useful for anyone else considering SSDs:

          It seems to rate those Intel's X25 as the fastest by a wide margin, but if they're incompatible with G4, that defeats my purpose. There are a couple others besides the Intel that are still as fast (or faster) than hard drives (after initial write) to avoid those freezeups, like OCZ Vertex... unfortunately the one I was considering from Frys isn't one of them, it appears to be based on the worst controller of them all. And that OCZ Vertex is even costlier ($415 for 120GB).

          So thanks for the info 2k1Toaster, I'm now going to look into the Hitachi drives you suggested. I just really don't want to have to go thru this again.


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            thanks for that article


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              it's working

              I have Infill G4 with sata, and I get it running with ssd drive. I don't know is there any better way, but I did it like this:
              I downloaded drivers from VIA: installed the VIA Hyperion Pro Driver Package and then VIA IDE Falcon Storage Device driver. (cx700) Then I cloned the old drive to SSD. Installed it in G4, and now everything is working.


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                > I have Infill G4 with sata, and I get it running with ssd drive.

                Maybe it is the brand of drive you got.

                After the X25 failed, I later tried a Super Talent 32GB. That also failed: Prevents the computer from even getting past the POST screen; can't even get into the BIOS setup - so it's not a driver issue for me since I'm not even getting to Windows.

                I've completely given up on that, and the G4. I'm mostly finished with building my new car PC (now have to do a bunch of work on getting it mounted in the car with the standalone monitor and all).


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                  Originally posted by johnk View Post
                  >I've completely given up on that, and the G4.
                  Did you give up on the G4 because it gave up on you or were you looking for an upgrade? I still have my G4 on my workbench trying to revive it.


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                    I just got tired of the slowness, the inability to upgrade it, the fact that it's run my car battery down many times over the last year since it's auto-shut-off feature apparently died, the GPS frequently failing to initialize (and usually taking a long time when it does work) and updating slowly (the original internal GPS died, so I had to use a USB one), the fact that my HD Radio often failed to initialize in Centrafuse after standby/hibernate (though this still happens sometimes even on my new PC using the direct serial port connection, but not as much), the unusably garbled Bluetooth audio which I thought might be due to the slow CPU (though with my new PC, BlueSoleil is currently unable to connect to my phone for some reason, even though it did at first, so I haven't been able to test the phone functionality yet), and other annoyances. I also wanted to run Windows 7 (though I hate the UI) so that I can use the Hybrid Sleep feature introduced in Vista, where the PC state is saved to a hibernation file when it goes to standby, so that if all power is cut it can still resume (which is still quite fast with the faster PC and using an SSD)

                    It was very nice (for installation ease) having the screen attached though. I currently have a jury-rigged setup with my new PC and have a lot of work to do to make it nice.

                    After a while I may sell my G4. Too much other stuff to think about right now though.


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                      Originally posted by johnk View Post
                      After a while I may sell my G4. Too much other stuff to think about right now though.
                      If you do, send me a PM. I still need parts to get mine to work, I guess a working G4 would do too. Happy New Year.
                      All installed, and ready for visitors. Infill G4 in a 2007 Saturn VUE


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                        My Samsung HM080HI (model taken from BIOS) 80GB that comes with Infill G4 just crashed (bad sectors). Samsumg online warranty checker shows to contact OEM so it's probably included by Infill and not by vendor. Specs pull out from Samsung website says it's a SATA hdd. However, BIOS IDE Configuration section only shows Parallel ATA IDE devices and Parallel ATA IDE Controller. Nothing that mentioned SATA. I also recalled opening up before to see what seems like a flat broad cable ide ribbon (I may be wrong or both SATA and PATA look the same).

                        My search threw up most references to Infill and SSD are SATA and only one user who claimed his G4 was an IDE version but did not post if he finally got one to try. Of those who had SATA, some were clear their BIOS could not detect the SSD while some wasn't clear if it's not detected in Windows or while installing Windows.

                        2 got it working by installing VIA CX700 SATA Drivers. Of the 2, 1 was specific it was VIA IDE Falcon Storage Device driver (above post).


                        I'm not sure if VIA V-RAID Driver from the same section is also needed.

                        I'm also wondering if it's as simple as extracting the drivers to a flash drive when booting up (though not as boot device) and when windows installation is loading the initial files press F6 when prompted to install additional driver from the stored drivers in the flash.

                        I'm deciding whether to replace the HDD with an SSD or replace the entire car pc with iPad.

                        But first I wondering if anyone can tell from the above description if mine's a SATA or PATA and which SSD works. However, don't tell me it's a PITA cos I already knew that having opened it up once before.


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                          It seems that you have SATA, because your Samsung HM080HI is a SATA drive. Also my bios didn't have any word about SATA. I think that Infill use some strange SATA-PATA interface which is not standard. I can tell you that it's not easy to install SSD drive in Infill. I first get it working as I mentioned above, and after a while some blue screens... ended up to make my own XP version with XPlite where those VIA drivers are already with everything else needed for G4. I got it working, but those blue screens happened again (worked fine couple of months). Then I installed some old SATA drive and no more problems.
                          And actually there is only 1 man who got it working... In that other forum I have different username .
                          Seller said that Infill should work with any SSD, but I have so much problems with SSD:s that I really suggest that you buy some SATA drive, and install it. Of course I might be wrong and there is some SSD drive that works fine with Infill.
                          Actually my Infill is now dead because I got "green hour glass problem" and it won't start anymore.


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                            Originally posted by thoth View Post
                            Actually my Infill is now dead because I got "green hour glass problem" and it won't start anymore.
                            Arghhh, I know that pain. After several months I finally got my G4 revived (reapaired) and I am installing it this afternoon. It will be nice to have it back up and running again, this stock stereo with a TomTom has gotten rather old...
                            All installed, and ready for visitors. Infill G4 in a 2007 Saturn VUE


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                              @thoth, mind sharing what is the other forum?