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Few questions about Infill G4

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  • Few questions about Infill G4

    Hello everybody!

    Recently i've bought infill G4 (with korean windows on it).

    I reinstalled it to normal Xp SP3 and everything works fine.

    I have Infill station 1.7.2 on the install disc.

    About infill station:
    1) Infill station 1.7.2 is not complete on English (some menu buttons in configuration are on Korean language, so it is complicated for me to configure the station), is it possible to get complete english Infill Station?
    2) Navigation is still on Korean. Is it possible to change navigation language and add european maps?

    About wiring:
    There are some wires, which i don't know where to connect.
    1. Wire named: I L L
    2. Wire named: Remocom

    About Centrafuse:
    I have downloaded centrafuse 2.1 and somehow navigation is on german. Same question as on Infill Station. How to change navigation language and how to add maps of europe?

    About antennas:
    There are two antennas which come with Infill G4.
    The GPS antenna and other one. It seems that it is analog TV antenna, but on the menus is only T-DMB option. As i understand T-DMB is digital TV and i have to buy the hardware separately. But is it possible to watch analog TV?

    P.S. Sorry if my english is not so good

    Thanks in advance.

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    Originally posted by Smooch View Post
    About wiring:
    There are some wires, which i don't know where to connect.
    1. Wire named: I L L
    2. Wire named: Remocom
    Thanks in advance.
    Orange/White - Illumination lead.
    Wire this lead up to the illumination
    wire on the car. This wire needs to
    see +12 volts when the parking
    lights of the car are activated.

    Brown - Remocom - This is for
    steering wheel control. An adapter
    for the particular vehicle might be
    needed. Currently this feature is
    All installed, and ready for visitors. Infill G4 in a 2007 Saturn VUE


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      The built in navigation in Centrafuse is not so great. Most people just embed IGuidance4 into centrafuse. Centrafuse Nav seems to default to Germany which is strange.
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        Hey guys- It defaults to Berlin instead of NYC from alphabetical ordering of map name. We can only provide sample maps, not whole maps, so the default sample cities (Berlin, New York City) are there to show you what the map will like when you zoom in,out and use 2D/3D view, etc. With our current nav/map provider, Destinator we are not able to provide whole maps b/c we don't have a way to protect them. We are working to fix this deficiency as soon as possible.

        The Destinator engine that comes w/ CF2 and the new CF Auto (CF3) both use the same Destinator 6 nav engine with 2007 maps (Europe is Navteq and USA is TeleAtlas).

        We realize the maps are dated and so is the nav engine and are doing everything a small company can to address the issue.

        One good thing about the new CF Auto (based on CF3 core) is the open Navigation development interfaces, which is allow (provided proper Nav API) the building of real/true Navigation "engines", who any developer or company can create, not just us. We've opened other things up as well to open interfaces such as Audio Mixer, TTS/Speech Rec, Radio and Bluetooth Handsfree.

        This all will intersect nicely with our product roadmap which will include some form of an "app store"/marketplace later this year. We are focusing on tightening up the current v3 SDK and CML tools so devs/designers can start cranking out and converting more plugins and skins/skin tweaks.

        @Smooth re: Infill G4 Support - You must follow these steps to setup radio properly.
        Infill G4 FAQ for CF2 -

        Also, to add the included G4 Plugin to a button, hold down the desired home screen button for a few sections and select "Infill" from the Action list. This allows control of brightness and screen tilt.

        And if you want to use the latest version, CF Auto - download trial here, which we strongly recommend as no more updates will be made for CF2.)

        A couple things to keep in mind w/ the Infill G4. The hardware (CPU) is old, but can run either version 2 or 3 just fine. In version 3 (CF Auto is based on v3), you can tweak the performance/speed of the sliding/transition animations under the Advanced Settings/Graphics / Effects Profile settings of (Low Med High). Set to Low. If you still don't like the experience, then go back to that same section and disable Enhanced Graphics entirely. This disables the animations completely.
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