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Infill G4 Audio Problem HELP NEEDED!!!

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  • Infill G4 Audio Problem HELP NEEDED!!!

    Hi, I am an absolute noob in those things. My English is basic but should be enough.
    I got an Infill G4 from a friend. I have built it into my car and everything is fine. Using the Infill Dash. But there is a BIG problem:

    On Radio there is sound. everything seems to work.
    On Music, TV, Navigation, Windows, ... (everything else) the infill does not play anything (no effects, no music, nothing).

    Line In, and Mic is always being set to mute, when I leave the radio dash. I can uncheck "mute" in windows mode, but there is still no sound. When I turn on the radio, it plays. Everything is fine. Have tried updating everything (driver, BIOS, Infill Dash) but nothing changed. Can anybody help me with this?

    I have no idea, what could it be? It would be interesting to know how it works. Is sound always been giving out through realtek soundcard or is FM directly connected to the internal amp? Maybe somebody knows?

    Thank you!

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    can anybody help me PLEASE.


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      Dear Friend,my problem is similar to yours but even worse.I have no sound at all!
      No radio no speakers.I've checked drivers-bios-settings.Any help for me?
      Did you try it with centrafuse?I think that line-in is connected to radio and audio out to the internal amplifier.


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        Hey, somebody to talk :-) You said you checked the BIOS-Settings. Do you have "enabled" the AC`97 Hardware? You can do this in "Northern Chipset". If so, does windows found your "hd audio device"?

        I didn't try Centrafuse, yet. I'm still waiting for delivery. But I tried to run Ubuntu -> no Sound! :-(


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          Hello my friend,
          yes is enabled in bios and windows device manager is finding the HD AUDIO.Installed driver from both infill and realtek didn't got me any sound....


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            Hmm, is your Line-IN volume above 50%? That is my last idea. If so, something seems to be broken. How is your setup? Infill as Standalone, or even next to a radio?

            I've found out, that I can use all sounds when I leave the radio dash in use of my remote and mute it manually in windows volume control. (Was that correct?)


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              yes it is above 50%.
              I use it as standalone.Directly connected to car speakers..
              It was working before.....too bad...


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                Mhm, seems to be broken. I've no idea what else could it be. Sry


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                  I have a similar problem. How to switch a mode of audio of an exit with power amplifiers on pre-amp out?