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G4 Volume/Mute and Ir Remote Stopped Working

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  • G4 Volume/Mute and Ir Remote Stopped Working


    For some reason, sometime after I have booted by G4, the front panel volume and mute controls stop working. At the same time that this occurs, the Ir remote also stops working.

    To get it working again, I have to shutdown and restart, and yet again, after some time in operation, those same buttons stop working once more.

    The period for which the buttons work is random - sometimes they work for 5 mins, sometimes for a couple of hours.

    Anyone got any idea's what might be causing this? I guess they are all on a USB interface eventually, I have tried reinstalling the drivers etc.

    Its rather anoying because my after-market steering wheel remote sends iR to the unit to control it.

    Up until it started to fail, it had been working fine for over a year...