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USB Adapter for XM Direct Drivers Installation

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  • USB Adapter for XM Direct Drivers Installation

    I just received the USB Adapter for XM Direct (thanks MP3car store), I downloaded the drives and unzip them but don't see an "install" icon/function, it does have an uninstall. Is there any other way that I can install the drivers? If there is please be specific as I'm not computer literate.

    Also if anybody has a working link for Simplistique XM skin, can you please post it. The one on the Simplistique post is not working.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm sorry no one has answered your questions about this product. Since it was in the Car Audio forum, many people from the store didn't see it.

    I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I wanted to move this thread to the appropriate forum and provide you with an answer.

    To install the drivers, just unzip the contents of the folder to your desktop then double click on the FTDIUNIN.exe file.

    I'll send a note to the guys in the store to make sure and update this item on the store with this information.
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      Thanks, already figured out.
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        Q: I've got most of my materials for my own Carputer. As I've seen in a few threads here, to make it work with my head unit (Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop, 2GB RAM), just follow the direction on how to wire it up to the RS-232?

        After that, how does the laptop know what to do and how do I access XM through it?

        Thanks in advance.
        There's no place like or ./usr/home


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          How do I install these drivers? Is the download on the MP3Ccar Store outdated?

          I downloaded the zip file and extracted on my main machine. Copied it to USB drive then transferred to my freshly installed nlite XP on my Carpc.

          From there I:

          I double clicked the FTDIUNIN.exe file - and it says to make sure my USB cable is unplugged and then it says unistalled successfully and closes. It also deletes the FTDIUN2K.INI file from where I copied the files to on my carpc. What the heck does that mean? I want to Install the drivers for this, not remove them.

          Can anyone help me out. Am I missing something here?


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            try, plugging in the USB connector, when windows says i need drivers, browse to the directory where u unziped those files...

            that simple


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              I'll give that a shot later mitch and let you know how it goes.


              -- Yep, that did it. Its installed now, still not getting it to work, but I got the drivers installed.

              I'll keep at it and let you know if I still have issues getting it to work. I downloaded XMID and it could not locate my XM radio at this point


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                Do we have drivers for OS 10.4.x? Has anyone configured this device on a Mac? The device does not appear as an USB<-->Serial device.



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                  Originally posted by Mick300ZX View Post
                  Thanks, already figured out.
                  Mick300ZX, Are you running on a PC or Mac OS 10.4.x?


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                    anyone have a driver download for the usb xm direct for windows 7 64bit?
                    I found through the classifieds a used xm unit from another member. good price so i got it. Haven't received it yet but i want to have the drivers for when it gets here.
                    also I need to know whats needed to make it work with roadrunner.

                    only my second car pc, so its a learning curve. trying to make this one the way i want and full featured.