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What the Mp3Car Store looks for in a Product

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  • What the Mp3Car Store looks for in a Product

    We are always happy to get ideas for products to carry, but all products we carry must meet certain requirements.

    If you yourself are a developer of a product - feel free to let us know about your product. Particularly if you are an innovator with low volumes, we would make exceptions, as we are always looking to support the innovators on our forums, but using our store to showcase your innovation.

    1. Products must be tested and determined to be robust products by Mp3Car Staff - no matter from who the suggestion originates. This is because Mp3Car is financially liable for products that do not work. (We learned this requirement the tough way.)

    2. We seek to deal directly with the manufacturer of a product, and make exceptions if their intermediate buyer is a well established firm purchasing product in the volume of thousands per year.

    3. Product sold on the Mp3Car store must have some support provided by the manufacturer.

    3. Mp3Car will not purchase product from a vendor that is disrespectful and not easy accessible via phone.
    Suggestions or Comments on the forums? Post here.

    mp3Car store order questions or products that you would like to sell on the store? Email store @

    Feel free to pm me if you:
    • Have a general comment on mp3Car's products or services
    • Have a product you would like to have tested by the mp3Car community
    • Have a file you would like mp3Car to host
    • Have a cool idea that would improve the forums