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din/double din/half din, control interface and preamp

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  • din/double din/half din, control interface and preamp

    im surprised theres no USB dac with a 4-5 volt preamp available.

    what would be nice is to have a replacement for your car stereo
    something you can put in place of it.

    that has the following features

    1 hardware volume control
    2 small display for track and other basic info
    3 hardware playlist controls such as play stop fwd rev pause mute etc just like normal car stereo
    4 bass treble controls
    5 inputs and outputs for 6 channels( front rear sub)
    or internal DAC + preamp that splits the channels into front rear sub RCA outputs

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    about no 5....

    sub is not as important to have split up in front/rear or left/right as the tones do not contain any directional info, so it does not matter where the sub is placed... under seats, trunk etc will be all the same
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      you shouldn't be surprised. there are many different ways to connect a carpc to get audio, and none of them are the same, so it is hard for companies to justify the cost of building a product that a niche of a niche could really use.

      for instance, i don't need 2-5......

      it sounds like you really want a hu anyways-- try looking at the car2pc interfaces. they support some alpine and pioneer units that would allow song data to be displayed on the hu.
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